Thursday, December 07, 2006

Covers update

I've been checking out a lot of new covers on TV commercials, movies, iTunes and XM Radio. Here are the highlights:

Joshua Radin does Yaz's "Only You". It's a bit slow, I like Allison Moyet doing it better.

Usually I love Jimmy Eat World, and love the Wham song "Last Christmas" but their version doesn't do much for me. It was on an O.C. compilation I think.

I was "hipped" to a cover of Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" done by Mariah Carey and some guest singer I'm not familiar with. Not a fan. The original is hauntingly beautiful. Mariah overdoes it like she does everything. Too bad, it had possibilities, like Dolly Parton doing REO Speedwagon.

Also pretty good: I bought the two latest Electric Six CDs, and on their Senor Smoke CD they do a cover of Queen's "Radio Ga Ga". I'm not a huge fan of the original, but this cover is okay. I guess I'm just a sucker for the Electric Six.


Blogger K8 said...

Hi Elspeth - you got an honorable mention prize in the contest :) Send me your snail mail address and I'll put it in the mail (k8jlew at gmail dot com)

12:35 PM  
Blogger MsFortuknit said...

Has ANYONE TOLD YOU that you have the most priceless taste in music and are just cool? Cheers!

6:35 PM  

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