Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Covers Scavenger Hunt

The track list from my Covers Scavenger Hunt swap on Swap-Bot. I chose one song for each category, but the limit was actually 15 songs+. Here goes:

A cover with an animal in the title:

1/Shock the Monkey/Coal Chamber (Peter Gabriel)
2/100,000 Fireflies/Superchunk (Magnetic Fields)

A cover song about drinking:

3/Gin and Juice/Sissy Bar (Snoop Dogg)

A cover song from a movie: “Sky High”

4/I Melt With You/Bowling With Soup (Modern English)

A cover version of an '80s song:

5/Last Christmas/Jimmy Eat World (Wham!)

A cover song that you discovered before the original.

6/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps/Cake (???)

A cover song that is in a different genre than the original song.

7/Drive Me Wild/Foo Fighters (Vanity 6)

A cover version of an '80s song.

8/Kokomo/Adam Green (The Beach Boys)

A cover song which has no singing/lyrics.

9/Wichita Lineman/ Friends of Dean Martinez (Glen Campbell)

A Beatles cover.

10/And Your Bird Can Sing/Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (The Beatles)

A cover of a children's song.

11/K.I.D.S. Incorporated (theme)/Bloodhound Gang

A cover of a TV theme song:

12/The Simpsons Theme/Green Day

A cover that reminds you of Halloween or Thanksgiving:

13/Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/Film Score 5 (White Stripes)

A cover song with a number in the title:

14/Two Princes/The Moldy Peaches (Spin Doctors)

15/5 O’clock World/Bowling for Soup (???)

An original version of one of the covers you already chose:

16/Drive Me Wild/Vanity 6

A different version of one of the covers you already chose:
A cover in a different language than the original:

17/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Trash Pour 4 (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)

A cover where the song's gender is changed for the singer:

18/Boy U Want/Dev2.0 (Devo)

A cover song with a color in the title:

19/Back in Black/Living Colour (AC/DC)

A cover song from another era (80s version of a 60s song):

20/Surfin’ Bird/Ramones (The Trashmen)

A parody song.

21/Gump/Weird Al Yankovic (The Presidents of the USA)

A cover song about outer space.

22/Under the Milky Way/Grant-Lee Phillips (The Church)
23/Starman/Mates of State (David Bowie)

A bad cover song.

1/White Rabbit/Blue Man Group (Jefferson Airplane)
2/The Beautiful Ones/Mariah Carey w/Dru Hill (Prince)

A cover song where you like the cover but not the original.


A cover of a song sung by a female singer.

4/Beautiful Stranger/Jon Auer (Madonna)

A cover of a song sung by a musical group.

5/Float On/Ben Lee (Modest Mouse)

A cover of an instrumental song.

6/Classical Gas/Gallucci (Mason Williams)

A Rolling Stones cover.

7/Brown Sugar/The Grassmasters

A cover of a 70's song.

8/Tiny Dancer/Ben Folds (Elton John)

A cover with a name in the title.

9/Kim the Waitress/Material Issue (The Green Pyjamas)
10/Johnny and Mary/Placebo (Robert Palmer)

A cover with a one word title.

11/Obsession/Blue Eyed Christ (Animotion)

A cover that starts with the letter "S"

12/Sunshine Superman/Mel Torme (Donovan)
13/Save it for Later/Flashlight Brown (The English Beat)

A Michael Jackson cover.

14/P.Y.T./White Chocolate

A cover that tells a story.

15/Seed Song/Atom and his Package (Mountain Goats)
16/I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home/Countdown Singers

A cover about a food item.

17/Cinnamon Girl/Type O Negative (Neil Young)
18/Raspberry Beret/Derailers (Prince)
19/Incense and Peppermints/Adult Net (Strawberry Alarm Clock)



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