Sunday, January 22, 2006

Free CDs!

We're spring cleaning and getting rid of our CDs. This is a list of CDs that if you send me $1 for U.S. shipping (or the actual shipping outside of the US) I'll send the CD to you for free. Unless of course you want to send me some yarn or chocolate in exchange ;) ! Comment here if interested.

**Richard Barone -- Primal Dream
**Beck -- Loser (single)
**Black/Note -- Jungle Music
**Blink 182 -- Enema of the State
**The Breeders -- Last Splash
**Cardigans -- First Band on the Moon
Cars Get Crushed - Blue and West
**Dramarama -- Hi-Fi Sci-Fi
**Echo and the Bunnymen -- The Cutter
**Enigma -- Enigma
**Godheadsilo -- Share the Fantasy
**Groove Collective -- Groove Collective
**Harvey Danger -- Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone
**Jimi Hendrix -- The Ultimate Experience
**Huffamoose -- We've Been Had Again
**I Am Not A Test Market Restless sampler including Sister Psychic, aMiniature, etc.
**I Know what you did last summer soundtrack
**The Kickovers -- Osaka
Longwave - The Strangest Things
**Magic Dirt -- Friends in Danger
**Marcy Playground -- Marcy Playground
**Mary's Danish -- Circa
Masters of the Hemisphere - Protest a Dark Anniversary
**Mensclub -- Coming to Take You Away
**Monsterland -- Loser Friendly
**Mudhoney/Gas Huffer -- Piece of Cake
**Pink Floyd -- The Final Cut (original pressing)
**Pitchblende -- Au Jus
**Rich Creamy Paint -- Rich Creamy Paint
**Sabalon Glitz - Ufonic
**Salvatore -- Fresh
**Something Happens -- Stuck Together With God's Glue
**Sportsguitar -- Happy Already
**Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood soundtrack
Trans Slovenia Express
**Wheatus -- Wheatus
**Wigstock original soundtrack
**Yatsura -- Slain by Yatsura

Sunday, January 08, 2006

So I was finally listening to some of those CDs that my DH has bought recently when I came upon a great one - M83. I was hoping their song "God of Thunder" was a Kiss cover, but even though it isn't (I don't think) it is amazing! On that note, here is my list of favorite CDs of the 21st century:

The Dresden Dolls
The Secret Machines

It's scary this is such a small list, isn't it? So far I've liked some songs here and there but usually I only like one song per CD so it's otherwise a waste. But those three have more than one amazing song!