Friday, January 30, 2009


I've found some more amazing covers! Just yesterday, I discovered:

Bowling for Soup's cover of Matthew Sweet's "Sick of Myself". I don't know that I've ever seen another Matthew Sweet cover, and I'm so excited!

I can't believe I never knew about Lou Barlow's cover of Ratt's "Round and Round". I'm a big Ratt fan, and a huge Sebadoh fan!

I can't stop listening to these two!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


The covers I search for most (and find most of, I guess):

1. These Boots are Made for Walkin' (Nancy Sinatra)
2. Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell)
3. Down in the Park (Gary Numan)
4. Baroque Hoedown (Perrey/Kingsley)
5. Classical Gas (Mason Williams)
6. (I'm Always Touched by your) Presence, Dear (Blondie)
7. Jolene (Dolly Parton)
8. Girl U Want (Devo)
9. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town (Mel Tillis)
10. They Don't Know (Kirsty MacColl

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My Forgotten Favorite

My favorite bands (not in order):

1. Sebadoh
2. Pop Will Eat Itself
3. The Posies
4. The Wonder Stuff
5. Bevis Frond
6. The Cars
7. Hall and Oates
8. Matthew Sweet
9. Shudder to Think
10. The Three O'Clock

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My Favorite Things

My all-time favorite songs:

1. Soothing Cacidylic by Shim Jambs
2. Every Shining Time You Arrive by Sunny Day Real Estate
3. Alone Again Or by Love (although I prefer The Damned version)
4. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division
5. Savory by Jawbox
6. Pretty Ballerina by The Left Banke
7. Down in the Park by Gary Numan
8. Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell (again, I prefer the Scud Mountain Boys version)
9. Fade Away and Radiate by Blondie
10. Moving in Stereo by The Cars

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Covers Scavenger Hunt

The track list from my Covers Scavenger Hunt swap on Swap-Bot. I chose one song for each category, but the limit was actually 15 songs+. Here goes:

A cover with an animal in the title:

1/Shock the Monkey/Coal Chamber (Peter Gabriel)
2/100,000 Fireflies/Superchunk (Magnetic Fields)

A cover song about drinking:

3/Gin and Juice/Sissy Bar (Snoop Dogg)

A cover song from a movie: “Sky High”

4/I Melt With You/Bowling With Soup (Modern English)

A cover version of an '80s song:

5/Last Christmas/Jimmy Eat World (Wham!)

A cover song that you discovered before the original.

6/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps/Cake (???)

A cover song that is in a different genre than the original song.

7/Drive Me Wild/Foo Fighters (Vanity 6)

A cover version of an '80s song.

8/Kokomo/Adam Green (The Beach Boys)

A cover song which has no singing/lyrics.

9/Wichita Lineman/ Friends of Dean Martinez (Glen Campbell)

A Beatles cover.

10/And Your Bird Can Sing/Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (The Beatles)

A cover of a children's song.

11/K.I.D.S. Incorporated (theme)/Bloodhound Gang

A cover of a TV theme song:

12/The Simpsons Theme/Green Day

A cover that reminds you of Halloween or Thanksgiving:

13/Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/Film Score 5 (White Stripes)

A cover song with a number in the title:

14/Two Princes/The Moldy Peaches (Spin Doctors)

15/5 O’clock World/Bowling for Soup (???)

An original version of one of the covers you already chose:

16/Drive Me Wild/Vanity 6

A different version of one of the covers you already chose:
A cover in a different language than the original:

17/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Trash Pour 4 (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)

A cover where the song's gender is changed for the singer:

18/Boy U Want/Dev2.0 (Devo)

A cover song with a color in the title:

19/Back in Black/Living Colour (AC/DC)

A cover song from another era (80s version of a 60s song):

20/Surfin’ Bird/Ramones (The Trashmen)

A parody song.

21/Gump/Weird Al Yankovic (The Presidents of the USA)

A cover song about outer space.

22/Under the Milky Way/Grant-Lee Phillips (The Church)
23/Starman/Mates of State (David Bowie)

A bad cover song.

1/White Rabbit/Blue Man Group (Jefferson Airplane)
2/The Beautiful Ones/Mariah Carey w/Dru Hill (Prince)

A cover song where you like the cover but not the original.


A cover of a song sung by a female singer.

4/Beautiful Stranger/Jon Auer (Madonna)

A cover of a song sung by a musical group.

5/Float On/Ben Lee (Modest Mouse)

A cover of an instrumental song.

6/Classical Gas/Gallucci (Mason Williams)

A Rolling Stones cover.

7/Brown Sugar/The Grassmasters

A cover of a 70's song.

8/Tiny Dancer/Ben Folds (Elton John)

A cover with a name in the title.

9/Kim the Waitress/Material Issue (The Green Pyjamas)
10/Johnny and Mary/Placebo (Robert Palmer)

A cover with a one word title.

11/Obsession/Blue Eyed Christ (Animotion)

A cover that starts with the letter "S"

12/Sunshine Superman/Mel Torme (Donovan)
13/Save it for Later/Flashlight Brown (The English Beat)

A Michael Jackson cover.

14/P.Y.T./White Chocolate

A cover that tells a story.

15/Seed Song/Atom and his Package (Mountain Goats)
16/I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home/Countdown Singers

A cover about a food item.

17/Cinnamon Girl/Type O Negative (Neil Young)
18/Raspberry Beret/Derailers (Prince)
19/Incense and Peppermints/Adult Net (Strawberry Alarm Clock)


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Covers Challenge II

Here is the track listing for my 2nd Swap-Bot swap dedicated to specific covers. The rules were to have at least 5 sets of songs where one was a cover and the other was either another cover of the same song or the original. The last were five covers done of songs from the same band. It was a lot of fun.

1/Love My Way/The Polyphonic Spree (Psychedelic Furs)
2/Love My Way/Grant-Lee Phillips (Psychedelic Furs)
3/Wave Of Mutilation/Joy Zipper (the Pixies)
4/Wave Of Mutilation/Kristin Hersh (the Pixies)
5/Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town/Leonard Nimoy (Mel Tillis)
6/Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town/Kenny Rogers (Mel Tillis)
7/Jolene/Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (Dolly Parton)
8/Jolene/Olivia Newton-John (Dolly Parton)
9/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Trash Pour 4
10/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps/Cake
11/Shadowplay/Phobia (Joy Division)
12/Shadowplay/Joy Division

The Cure covers:

13/Just Like Heaven/Dinosaur Jr.
14/The Love Cats/DJ Bootious Maximus
15/Friday, I’m in Love/Glo-Worm
16/Jumping Someone Else’s Train/Plural
17/In Between Days/Ben Folds

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